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I am extremely honored to be part of the India Association of Long Island, as the 26th President.  I would like to convey my gratitude to you for having the confidence in me to lead this exceptional organization. It is my utmost honor to be leading a 2000 member strong Association that has prevailed for over 30 years.  Our IALI's main mission is to "foster a better understanding of the diversity and the rich culture of the Indian subcontinent to Indian Americans and the other larger community of Long Island". I am very excited to share the rich and glorious heritage of Indian people to other communities around us.

I was amazed by the turnout at the inauguration and at the oath ceremony, which took place at the Nassau County Executive's Office on January 12th, 2014. Everyone in attendance made me and my team feel welcomed, which in turn has given us great encouragement to have an exceptional year ahead.  I have closely observed the strides we have made and the changes, as well as the challenges we have faced.  I promise, whatever we do, will be done with integrity and honesty.

I am a simple man with simple ideas.  Being a true community "Sewadar", I have decided to dedicate most of the Presidential term to understanding, addressing and resolving the issues and needs of our community.  As most of you know, I have always wanted to bring our Association to new heights.  Now with your help and relentless support the opportunity has come in front of me and my committee. Your suggestions and comments will be of utmost value and we will try to incorporate them to make IALI a great organization.

I am fortunate to have a very dedicated Executive Council. My team and I will try to fulfill all our goals within our term, this year, as well as continue to complete goals set by Past Presidents and their respective teams.  The following are goals that we hope to accomplish in the year of 2014:

We need to increase the Membership of IALI.  This can only be done with your help.  I implore you to ask your friends and family to join the growing family of Indian Americans on Long Island.

Acquiring a Permanent office for IALI, where we can hold meetings and keep our files organized and gathered is a significant goal in this term for our team.

We would like to support our seniors by providing them with public transportation and subsidized housing.  We will also work closely with the Department of Aging to help provide other benefits for our seniors.

We would like to increase our involvement in Social Services.  As a community, we need to help the under privileged. We can do this by organizing events with homeless shelters and soup kitchens, such as INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) located in Hempstead.  We will have health fairs to remind our community how important it is to stay healthy.

Promoting IALI's Dream of INDIA HOUSE is another important goal.

We will continue to celebrate our cultural festivals, such as Diwali, Vaisakhi, Holi and others as per demand.

We need to increase the involvement of our Youth in the organization.  There are many lively young people and young parents that can give us an extra jolt of energy and we need to bring them into the fold of IALI.

We will be holding tournaments for Soccer, Cricket and Basketball.  These tournaments will be for all age groups, from children to seniors.  As many of you know, I am a marathon runner, so I would like to promote all age groups to participate in all marathon runs, including the one in New York City and the one in Long Island.

It has been brought to my attention that there are many members who are interested in organizing a "Men's Forum".  So, this year we will establish the IALI Men's Forum.

We will continue to support the Senior Forum and Women's Forum.

We will continue IALI's famed tradition of India Fest.  This energetic and cultural showcase is one of our main events that will continue to attract the public and the media.

There are still many more ideas and opportunities for 2014.  Let's start with the ones that have been mentioned above and move on with them, while adding more during the course of the year. I feel that IALI is more than an organization; it is a movement of our cultural heritage.  It all starts today!  With your help and motivation our team is ready for an exciting endeavor, lying ahead of us. Thank you for your confidence in me by electing me to become the President of this exceptional association.


Satnam Singh Parhar

President - India Association of Long Island (IALI)

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Mr. Satnam Singh Parhar

President's Message


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