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Dear friends and IALI members, 
I am humbled with your utmost confidence, respect and faith in me by giving me an opportunity to continue a second term as the President of IALI. This gives me an opportunity to have continued focus on our IALI HOME activities. I promise to live up to your confidence and have tried my best not to let my personal tragic moments deflect me from any of these IALI priorities.  
I congratulate all EC members who have been elected for the second term to serve in 2015. We want to involve as many members as possible. Definitely all existing 2014 as well as many new members. 
I want to bring India Association of Long Island to your friends, family, in short I want to bring it to your home.
2014 was a great year in the history of IALI. We created a history of achieving our dream home IALI HOME, which all of our past presidents had been trying to do. Thanks to our past president and EC members for supporting me.
Congratulations to all IALI members and friends. And we can always make it bigger and better.
Our New Year 2015 Focus will be to Work Together like ONE Family and end unnecessary in-fighting and help change the culture and attitude. 
Current Culture & attitude: Most times we start our New IALI year with kick off beginning of year and the first 3 months are almost used to ramp up to speed. The new upcoming elections at the end of the year, almost takes away all our positive energy and focus for last three months of the year which leaves us with only a few productive months in between to contribute to the annual success. 
1) Change the Overall Culture & Attitude in positive Direction:
Our current year focus will be to help change this culture and attitude with full cooperation. Let’s take the “ME” syndrome out of us and work as ONE family to achieve our upcoming goals to help rise this organization to new heights of success. 
2) Property Tax Exemption:
Property Tax exemption has been filed on Dec 31st (before the Jan 2nd deadline). IALI Home Chair Gobind Munjal, Vimal Goyal, and Gunjan Rastogi were instrumental in gathering and submitting all the needed documents for the same in the short interval.
3) File Architecture Drawings to help complete IALI Home Building Construction:
We have been dealing with some challenges in hiring the Architect, as the Architect having a good credibility with Town of Oyster Bay is beyond our pockets. We are continuously working to have the appropriate architect to assist us within our tight budget. 
4) Membership Drive:
There will be increased focus this year to expand the IALI family under the leadership of Membership Chair Lalit Aery. The Membership Team will be expanded to accomplish new goals and membership drives. New volunteers will be trained. We should try to build someone from our own team to run in public elections and help represent local offices.
5) Why do we have elections every year?
This is an ongoing topic discussion / challenge faced by multiple Past presidents. We plan to work towards the following bare minimum and popular constitutional amendments with everyone’s help and support:
a) Increase current annual Presidential term to 2 years
b) Increase Member-at-large positions from 8 to 10 or 12. The original 8 member at large limit was proposed years back when the first constitution was made when we started with a small family. With everyone’s hard work and effort we have expanded our family as well as activities and need to involve more people in the lead to help grow it bigger and better.
c) This year we are going to have a legal advisory board to take proper action to amend our Constitution.
6) Become a member!
Have an idea? - take the lead and run with it to expand our family. While the Executive Council continues to have more added responsibility and say in the day to day operations, we want to involve more people to be a part of this growing organization. Let’s bring IALI to our homes and families!
7) President’s Club:
The hard work of all Past Presidents & IALI family has resulted into IALI Home. Past Presidents and their contributions have and continue to be an integral part of IALI success story. A President’s Club or something similar is proposed where we can have all Past presidents meet once a month or so and stay directly engaged and contribute even more with their expertise and knowledge.
8) Our vision for 2015 Programs:
In addition to the programs that we normally do, we would like to involve more members by creating new forums in 2015 such as:
a. Computer classes for adults and seniors
b. Forum for working women (prof forum and info tech)
c. Indian cooking classes for our young generation 
d. Men’s Forum
e. Yoga classes 
f. Aerobic classes for seniors to keep them healthy 
g. Sports forum 
h. Outreach and community affairs 
Of course we will have Holi, Vaisakhi, Annual Fundraising Gala, Diwali, and many other programs will be held by all our forums. We will be updating you from time to time.
We are open, become a member, bring good ideas, we will let you run with it and you will have our support, Freedom to work to help the community at large. 
And all the above is now possible in the IALI Home, which we have just bought.
To complete our priorities effectively, I need your help to establish an advisory board for our senior members for guidance. I know I will have to wear big shoes to fill-in to progress our unfinished work of 2014.
Your support and confidence in me and the current team means a lot to me and together we will take our IALI to new heights.
Please support your own IALI Home and show your pride. Now we have a home for our association which will help give our community a new identity for generations to come. We have a great, dedicated, committed and hardworking executive council with all chairs and committees. Without their help this IALI Home would not have been possible.
I am grateful to all the past presidents for their guidance and support for keeping the organization strong. 
I would like to congratulate my whole team and I feel extremely fortunate to have highly experienced individuals in my team, who are dedicated, committed and hardworking and I am looking forward to working together to achieve our common goals for the year 2015.
I would like to thank all my family and friends who always have supported me in my good and bad times.
Thank you for your patience and listening to what my team and I have planned for 2015.
With that, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year.
Satnam S. Parhar

President, 2014-2015

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Mr. Satnam Singh Parhar

President's Message


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