Iali Celebrate Republic Day 2022

Iali 73rd India Republic Day

With patriotic fervor, IALI and the huge Indian American community in the United States celebrate 73rd India Republic Day on Jan 26

In a remarkable demonstration of unity and patriotic pride, all elected members of the Executive Council of the India Association of Long Island showed up for the Jan. 26, 2022 celebration of the 73rd India Republic Day at India Center, headquarters of IALI in Hicksville, Long Island. Considering that India is a nation of 1.4 billion people and the world’s largest democracy, the celebration was indicative of how far India and her people have come since she gained independence from the British at the stroke of midnight on Aug. 15, 1947, and India drafted and mandated her own Constitution when she became a republic on Jan. 26, 1950.
In high spirit and proud of her Indian heritage, IALI president Bina Sabapathy, who once served as the body’s leader in 2017, was delighted that her entire team as well as many prominent and past officials of the 44-year-old organization, which now boasts almost 2,500 members, came out for the unfurling of the tricolor and singing patriotic songs.
Indian American Ragini Srivastava, Town Clerk of Hempstead township, was chief guest. Other guests included Ms. Aroozi, Executive Director of Asian American Affairs; Harry Brar, Deputy Director of Asian American Affairs; and Dennis Dunn, a
legislative member.
Over 65 invited members, guests and past IALI presidents, including Dr. Sharwan Bagla, Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, Dr. Anila Midha, Beena Kothari, Bina Sabapathy and Gunjan Rastogi, braved the cold weather to attend the event.In addition, several community leaders, including Dr. Bobby Kalotee, Zahid Syed, Jay Singh, Krish Rudra, Mukesh Modi and
India Day Parade president Deepak Bansal, had graced the occasion.
For their generosity in sponsoring the recent IALI induction, president Ms. Sabapathy and her team honored Gary Sikka & his wife Rupinder Kaur Sikka with a beautiful plaque.
Besides Bina Sabapathy, who was elected president of IALI, the other members of the Executive Council include vice president Hargovind Gupta, secretary Pradeep Tandon and treasurer Suresh Bansal with members-atlarge Dr. Neeru Bhambri, Dr. Abha Bhatnagar, Ravindra Kumar, Renu Kapoor, Gary Sikka, Kiran Arora, Dr. Ramesh Gupta and Vijay Khanna.
Earlier that day, Hempstead township honored the Indian community on India’s 73rd Republic Day with a program in front of Hempstead Town Hall in Nassau County, where attendees participated in unfurling of the tiranga and singing patriotic
While we’re in a celebratory mood and are reveling in India’s magnificent achievements, let us all eschew our petty animosities and differences, prevent divisiveness and take pride in our presence in the American society.