Sangeet Forum

 Music is Meditation to the mind.
Music is Medicine to the soul.
Music is Divine, which has no boundaries.

Sangeet Forum was founded in 2013 during Dr. Kishore Kunchum’s presidency, chaired by Jyoti Gupta and Co-chaired by Rashmi Mittle. Since then, the number of participants is growing and the forum is functioning successfully.

IALI’s vision to help the community to exhibit their talent and to encourage people who were not used to singing in public, gave room for the inception of Sangeet forum.

Since then, one Friday of the month, IALI hosts the event at the Plainview Library Auditorium. from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm with a different theme for every month.

To participate and enjoy the music, many non-members became members due to the Sangeet Forum. The Sangeet Forum Committee sponsors the food every month. It is their seva (service) to the community.

On March 28, during Women’s History month, under the leadership of our President Bina Sabapathy, the Sangeet forum honored three great teachers for their contribution to the community and for also promoting and preserving Indian culture and heritage through their dance academy.

The teachers were: Dr. Arti Datta from Mudra Foudation, Mrs. Swati Vaishnav from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nartan Rang Academy, and Mrs. Sadhana Paranjee from Sadhanalaya. This year, besides entertaining and encouraging the members, the Sangeet Forum also started visiting senior centers to entertain them at their facility.

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